Sewer Camera Inspections


If you have snaked your sewer line several times then it’s time to run a sewer camera inspection. That’s the only way to get to the bottom of it all.


Sewer Camera Inspections by Angel Plumbers


Here is what to expect:


Sewer Camera Inspection: Complete camera inspection of your sewer from one cleanout entry. Courteous and clean service that will respect your home from start to finish.


Sewer Video Recording: Angel Plumbers can deliver this video in CD format right on the jobsite or can download the video file to your computer or thumb-drive. The most convenient method of all you will be able to simply log into this site and view your private video and invoice.


Sewer Report: Angel Plumbers will also give you a written report of the condition of your sewer on the invoice description. In addition to the sewer report you will also get a sewer repair estimate if needed.


The camera equipment also allows for determining the location of the pipe. Sometimes the licensed plumber will need to know where the sewer pipe is and how deep it is. Maybe you are just a person that simply wants to know where the pipe is. What ever fits your fancy, we have the sewer camera equipment to make it known.


If you are buying or selling a house, you would be wise to have a camera inspection of your sewer. As a buyer you need to know the condition of the sewer pipes and any costly repairs that may be needed. As a seller you might need to disclose or prove that your sewer is the greatest in the city. Whatever the situation might be, we have the sewer camera inspection for you.


Call us now at (310) 889-0464. You’ll love your experience with one of our Angels from start to finish. Here are some other reasons why you should call us today:


  • Sewer Experts
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Angel Plumbers is the Los Angeles Plumber in the city of angels. We invite you to look around our website or call us now:


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Ventura County Residents: The county has issued a code ordinance 22.250 or rather a regulation mandating that all sales of homes have sewer camera inspection completed. The “Private Sewer Lateral Inspection Report” must be filled out by a qualified plumbing company and submitted to the city office. This rule came into being in January of 2014. We encourage all realtors to call us for this service. We have the forms required by the county printed in our office and ready to go. We Look forward to meeting you out there.


Giving Back


Since the beginning, Angel Plumbers has had a goal to give back to its community and to causes we believe in.


Angel Plumbers gives back $1 out of every $100 you spend.
You tell us where you want us to make the contribution. Otherwise we give back to Delta Ministries, Oxnard Battered Women’s Shelter, and other worthwhile causes.


Churches and Synagogues get 15% discount

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