Trenchless Water Pipe Repair


Repairing or replacing a water pipe in the past required the plumbing contractor to rip apart your exterior grounds or interior walls, ceilings and floors in order to access the pipeline. Fortunately, a far less invasive process was invented approximately fifteen years ago and the world of plumbing has changed for the better ever since. That being said, it is a sad statistic that only twenty-two percent of residential, commercial, and industrial property owners have even heard of it.


That is an extremely small and quite shocking number, especially for a process that saves a tremendous amount of time, resources, and money. The intent of this article is to educate you about the topic of trenchless water pipe repair so that you are educated on the alternative solution that is currently available on the market. In order to accomplish this, it is important that we begin by thoroughly explaining the way that water pipes have been repaired since wrenches were first invented.


The Traditional Water Pipe Repair Method


The traditional method is often referred to as the trench, excavation, or demolition approach, and for good reason. The processes requires the plumbing contractor to dig a large trench or demolish interior surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings in order to access the water pipeline for repair. Picture your property in its current state for a minute. Focus on the interior condition first. Are the walls, ceilings and floors in good shape?


Now Move to Your Exterior Landscaping and Hardscaping.


If you own a residential property, concentrate in on the lawn, flower beds, your favorite tree, and shrubs. Now conjure up images of your driveway, patio, and walkway. If you own a commercial or industrial building think about the landscaping for a minute and pay careful attention to your parking lot. Now visualize a plumbing contractor tearing all of these things up in order to reach the water pipes.


Imagine the mess that it will create, not to mention the time and expense of having your walls, ceilings, and floors put back together. Let’s take another look at the exterior grounds. This time, envision large and noisy excavation equipment destroying anything and everything in its path in order to dig a humongous trench that exposes the main water line for repair. At worst it is an absolute nightmare. In the least it is not a pretty sight to see.


The traditional water pipe repair method is obviously time consuming. It can take multiple weeks from the time the plumbing contractor demolishes the walls, ceilings and floors, excavates the trench, and makes the necessary repairs to the water pipes. After that job is complete the repairs to your interior and grounds can begin. The plumbing contractor is not responsible from a financial or performance standpoint to make those repairs. That means you must hire additional contractors or do the work yourself.


Depending on the amount of damage that needs to be fixed, it can take a full crew another week or two to complete that process. Once the interior and exterior are properly repaired, the cleanup can begin. In addition to the expense and mess that the traditional water pipe method creates, it is obviously time consuming. If the plumbing work is being performed at your residential property you will need to find somewhere to live until the job is completed.


If the plumbing work is being performed at your place of business it is a costly amount of down time until the job is completed. If the plumbing work is being performed at your investment property, you must find alternative space for your tenants until the job is completed. Time certainly is money, and as a property owner it is important that you lose neither. Fortunately there is a more modern way to do things.


The Trenchless Water Pipe Repair Method


The good news is that the nightmare of extensive excavation and demolition can be all but a dream thanks to trenchless water pipe repair. This technologically advanced method only requires a small access point in either the ground and or an interior surface in order to access the water pipes. A highly trained plumbing technician uses a high-tech machine to spray a wet epoxy resin that coats the interior surfaces of the pipe in question. When the wet epoxy resin cures in place it hardens into a super strong pipe liner that fixes all pinhole leaks, breaks, and cracks in the line.


Since the resin is specially formulated, your drinking water is one hundred-percent safe when it passes through the lined pipe. In addition, the epoxy liner will not chip, crack, or break. The new pipe liner not only fixes current problems, it also protects your water pipes from future ones. Trenchless water pipe repair is a nearly permanent solution that will last for well over fifty years. It only takes a day on average to complete the entire process from start to finish. Last but certainly not least, the trenchless water pipe repair method is less than half the cost of the traditional method.


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