Sewer Camera Inspection


Sewer camera inspection is a technologically advanced method that determines both the condition and exact location of the sewer pipeline at a property you currently own, or a piece of real estate that you are considering purchasing. In fact, a sewer camera inspection is a cost effective investment that can help you to save thousands of dollars in possible sewer repairs. In general it is always better to discover and take care of any small problems before they turn into larger ones. This is certainly true with sewer systems. Although most small issues with sewer pipes are easy to fix, they will eventually turn into major issues if left untreated.


Every property owner or potential property owner should be well aware that large sewer pipe repairs or replacement can end up being a large hit to your bank account, not to mention that your stress level may go through the roof. The good news is that this can all be avoided with a simple sewer camera inspection. Up until recently you would never see the words plumbing and advanced technology in the same sentence. To this day, when most people think of plumbing they picture sewer pipes and wrenches. Although there are still plenty of wrenches filling plumbers toolboxes, they now need to make room to fit the sewer camera as well.


The question that you may be asking yourself at this point: what are the main contributors to these sewer pipe issues?


1: Damaged Pipes


Damaged sewer pipes are the number one cause for problems with the sewer system, such as clogs and backups. Breaks, cracks, crushed pipes, deformed pipes, and misaligned joints that attach one pipe to the next are the most common culprits. The condition of the pipes is certainly a vital aspect as to how well or poorly the sewer system will work as a whole. A sewer camera inspection identifies the exact type of damage that your sewer pipes are experiencing. From there a qualified pipe repair contractor like Angel Plumbing will be able to determine the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective approach to make the necessary repair.


2: Tree Roots


Tree roots are known to cause problems with sewer pipes. One of their main jobs is to seek out an easily accessible water source and the sewer line is just that. Small roots start by invading either the pipeline’s connection joints, small cracks that begin to form in the pipes, or both. Once the roots enter the pipe, they grow larger. Toilet paper and other debris get stuck in the roots and eventually build a dam that prevents the proper flow of raw sewage and wastewater. This is the point where clogs in your toilets and drains, and of course raw sewage back ups occur. A sewer camera inspection identifies the exact areas where the tree roots are blocking the pipes. From there, a qualified plumbing contractor like Angel Plumbing will be able to determine the best approach to clear the tree roots.


3: Buildup Of Waste Materials


Over time, compacted paper, grease, hair, and other waste materials that are either flushed down the toilet or go down the drain or food disposal begin to build up in the sewer pipeline. This leads to blockages in the sewer pipeline that cause serious damage to the system. A sewer camera inspection identifies the exact areas within the pipeline where the buildups and blockages are occurring. From there, a qualified plumbing contractor like Angel Plumbing will be able to determine the best approach to clearing the buildups and blockages.


When Should You Have A Sewer Camera Inspection?


If you own residential, commercial, or industrial real estate, a sewer camera inspection should be part of the yearly property maintenance schedule. Think of it as a relatively inexpensive insurance policy that will save you thousands of dollars in preventable sewer pipe repairs. It is also extremely important to have a sewer camera inspection if you are giving serious consideration to purchasing a particular property. Although most homebuyers are more than willing to pay for a home inspection, the sewer camera inspection is a separate entity. If you are currently in the market to purchase a property, always hire a sewer camera inspection company in order to discover any major sewer related problems before you actually own the real estate.


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