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Clogs in your plumbing system, sewer lines, or drain pipes can certainly lead to much larger problems. They tend to block drains from properly working, which results in overflowing toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. A clogged water pipe can end up contaminating the water supply, causing unnecessary health problems for the people that live or work at your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Clogs in the sewer system cause raw sewage and wastewater to leak directly into the ground, which pollutes the soil.


That same raw sewage and wastewater can also back up into your property through toilets, water faucets, and drains. Imagine having to deal with that mess! The good news is that you can certainly avoid all of the major plumbing issues listed above. As long as you contact an experienced plumbing contractor like Angel Plumbers as soon as you notice any clogs in the system, these blockages can be taken care of with hydro jetting before they become major problems. The question you may be asking yourself: “what is hydro jetting?”


Hydro jetting is a process that technologically advanced plumbing contractors use to efficiently and effectively remove clogs from plumbing systems. The process incorporates the use of a high-pressured water source in order to thoroughly clean all of the interior surfaces of plumbing pipes. The approach removes scale that builds up within the pipes over time, and also eliminates grease and other debris that tends to cling to the pipe walls. Hydro jetting is a form of pipe cleaning the clears the pipes in a far more comprehensive manner. This holds especially true when compared with other methods such as rodding, where the plumber uses a tool in order to merely punch a small hole through the buildup.


The first step in the hydro jetting process is to locate the clean out, which is an area of the plumbing system that allows a professional plumber to gain access to the pipes. Next, the technician will insert a hose that is connected to a tank of water. The hose is able to handle high-pressured water that is blown into the pipes. A high-tech machine pressurizes the water from the storage tank. The plumbing contractor must have the experience and expertise to know exactly how much water pressure to use for each and every individual application, as it varies for different situations and pipe conditions.


Typically, the technician will pressurize the water up to 5,000 pounds per square inch (or psi, for short) and deliver upwards of twenty gallons of water per minute. In some cases they will go beyond those figures, once again depending on the exact situation and condition of the pipes in question. In addition to highly pressurized water, the buildup removing process also incorporates the use of gravity. Most plumbing systems use gravity to pull or drain wastewater out of the property and into the local sewer system or septic storage tank.


In the case of hydro jetting, it actually works in reverse or from the bottom up. The tool is inserted into the downstream portion of the plumbing system. It moves its way upstream, working its way up through the system as opposed to down and out of the system. As the pressurized water hits the pipes, gravity moves the debris down the system. That way the debris moves safely out of the pipes where it is delivered to the sewer main or septic tank. Hydro jetting solves a variety of plumbing issues.


The process removes the debris that collects in the plumbing pipes such as grease, hair, and soap residue to name a few. Hydro jetting also removes clogs caused by the infiltration of tree roots that invade underground pipes through the connection joints and or minute cracks. It also removes scale buildup as mentioned above. Generally speaking, hydro jetting is a safe and useful way to remove all of the blockages that end up causing clogging in the plumbing system.


That being said, it can actually cause further damage if an inexperienced technician is in charge of the process. For example, it takes an expert to properly hydro jet a sewer line that has significant tree root infestation. If too little water pressure is used it will not clear the roots. On the other hand, if too much water pressure is used it will break the sewer pipes, leading to a costly repair. That is why it is so critically important to only work with a plumbing contractor that has a great deal of experience.


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