Water Leaks

Lets find the leak and Fix it!
FYI, most leaks today are found on copper piping. I know what you’re thinking- “My whole house is repiped in copper.” I hate to tell you this but copper is highly dependent on the workmanship quality.


In our experience, we have seen galvanized piping have a much longer life span than copper. The new and better option is definitely PEX piping.


Underground leaks or wall leaks are common and we can help you find them.


  • Leak Detection Services
  • Water Leak repairs
  • Water damage restoration services


Angel Plumbers can service your needs 24/7. We are an emergency plumber at your service. (800) 401-0864


Water Leaks – Wasting Water and Money


“Our downstairs bathroom sure needed some serious help. Now, it is solid. The old plumbing was replaced with copper fittings and beautifully hand tiled.  Angel Plumbers came to our rescue.

– Karen J., Tender Life Maternity Home


A Water Leak around your home or business can be very costly. DON’T WAIT! You could start saving money on your next water bill by calling Angel Plumbers to locate these water wasters and having them properly repaired.


Always Call a Plumber


Discolored or brown water, low water flow, warm spots in the floor, and abnormally high water bills are all signs of a pipe leak problem. Don’t wait for these warning signs to get worse and cause serious damage to your home or business.


Benefits of Leak Detection and Repair


  • Lowered water system costs
  • Reduced potential for contamination
  • Extended life of plumbing fixtures
  • Reduced potential property damage and liability
  • And Much More!


The many possible causes of leaks are often a combination of factors. The material, composition, age, and joining methods of the water distribution system components can influence leak occurrence. Another related factor is the quality of the initial installation. Water conditions can also be a factor, including temperature, velocity, and pressure. External conditions, such as contact with other structures, stress from vibrations, and freezing soil around a pipe can also contribute to leaks.


Did you know?


A simple Water Leak that drips one drop every two seconds equals out to almost five gallons a day. That same drip is equal to over 130 gallons in 30 days and 1577 gallons of water wasted in one year. Don’t take that small leak for granted.


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Leaks from pipes, plumbing fixtures, and fittings are a significant source of water waste for California. There is much more to learn about your Water Leaks. Ask your Angel Plumbers professional today!

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