Tankless Water Heaters


Are you aware of the fact that countless homeowners are paying to heat their water supply around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? The most excessive waste occurs when people are asleep or out of the house. It certainly has a tremendous impact on the energy bill day after day, month after month, and year after year. If your residential property does not have a tankless water heating system, you are one of those countless homeowners that are wasting money.


Not to mention that this unnecessary misuse of energy is taking its toll on the environment by significantly reducing the supply of natural resources. The good news is that having a tankless water heater installed by a professional plumber has never been easier. The question you may be asking yourself at this point is: “what exactly is a tankless water heater, and how does it work?”


What Is a Tankless Water Heater?


A tankless water heater is a plumbing appliance that instantly heats water without having to heat and store the water prior to the demand for it. Advances in recent technology combined with a far more energy conscious general public have lead to a tremendous growth in popularity. Tankless water heaters are not only energy-efficient, the devices also eliminate the risk of interior flooding that is caused by old and or compromised water pipes or water tank heating systems.


How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?


What is the very first thing you think of when you hear the words “water heater?” For most people it is the traditional system that is comprised of a large water tank and a heating source located in either your basement or hidden away somewhere on the first floor. Water is heated up around the clock and stored in a tank that can hold up to fifty gallons of water or more at a time.


Whenever you turn on the hot water, it travels from this holding tank through the water pipes and into your hot water faucet, dishwasher, laundry washing machine, shower, or tub. The idea behind it is that there is a constant supply of hot water whenever you need it. The supply is available immediately and when the tank begins to run low on hot water, more is heated before it ever empties.


It’s a great theory, however it does take a tremendous amount of resources in order to operate at all times of the day and night. Tankless water heaters also provide homeowners with a constant supply of hot water, however the major difference is that they accomplish this feat without the need to work non-stop. With a tankless device, there is absolutely zero need to constantly heat a supply of water for future use.


Instead, when you turn on the hot water faucet or household appliance, cold water is actually drawn into the system where it immediately begins to circulate through a heater. Once the water warms up to the set temperature amount it exits the heater and enters into the water pipes, where it then travels to the faucet or appliance. No water remains in the heater except for a minute amount of lingering moisture.


Just the same as traditional water tank heating systems, the tankless heater is typically powered by the same energy source that heats the house. These may include electricity, natural gas, oil, or propane to name a few. Speaking of energy sources, the United States Department of Energy maintains that a household that uses forty-one gallons or less of hot water per day will save anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-four percent on their energy bill when using a tankless water heater.


The numbers are quite significant. For example, if you currently have a traditional water heating system and your energy bill averages $100 per month, switching over to a tankless model will save you $24-$34 per month or $288 to $408 per year. Although the numbers are slightly lower for households that use more than forty-one gallons of hot water per day the savings still add up, especially over a few years. This is great news for both your bank account and the environment.


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