Storm Drain Repair


Have you ever noticed puddles forming in your yard, sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot even when it has not rained in days? If so, then you may very well be having a problem with your storm drain. Although most of us do not give it much thought, the storm drain is an extremely important piece of the plumbing puzzle. Remember that old phrase “when it rains it pours?” The storm drain is responsible for getting rid of all of that rainwater before it floods your property.


Unfortunately, the storm drain can break down at any time, even if your residential, commercial, or industrial property was built within the last twenty years or so. The reason that storm drainpipes wear out faster than their plumbing counterparts like water pipes and sewer pipes is two fold. Let’s begin with the pipe itself. In order to handle the excessive amount of water runoff from severe rainstorms, the storm drain pipe must have a large circumference and diameter. In fact, it is typically the largest of all the plumbing pipes.


That being said, it takes a tremendous amount of material to manufacture these pipes. PVC plastic is used in sewer pipes and water pipes are made out of copper, and both materials are expensive. Due to the enormous size of the storm drain pipe, it would cost far too much to manufacture them out of either material, so reinforced concrete is used instead. Concrete is a strong, sturdy, and cost effective material, however it deteriorates rather quickly when exposed to fast flowing water. Which brings up our second reason that storm drain pipes wear out faster than either sewer or water pipes.


Not only does the excessive rainwater flow fast, it contains chemicals and debris that wear away at the pipe. For example, the storm water picks up rocks, sticks, oil, lawn fertilizer and other ground chemicals and debris as it flows from the landscape and hardscape to the storm drain. In addition to wearing away at the pipes, the debris also causes clogs. When the storm drainpipes begin to crack and clog, water run off is impeded from flowing to its indented destination, such as city or town’s main sewer line or a retention pond located on or near the property.


At this point the real trouble starts. The water begins to back up and flow in the wrong direction. When it reaches the storm drain, the excessive amount of water has nowhere else to go so it ends up flooding your property’s landscaping and hardscaping. That is why you begin to see puddles forming. If left unattended, the water will end up flooding the interior of the property, causing expensive damage to your property and possessions. Not to mention that standing floodwater is the perfect environment for harmful molds and mildews to form.


When all is said and done, it is a costly mess in more ways than one. The good news is that the flooding can absolutely be avoided, and unlike the good old days the repair job will not break the bank. In the recent past the only way for plumbing contractors to fix the storm drainpipes was to excavate a large trench in order to expose them. It is a lengthy process that destroys the yard, grounds, walkway, driveway, parking lot, and pretty much anything that is located above the pipeline. Fortunately for property owners, an advanced plumbing technology was invented approximately fifteen years ago.


Storm Drain Repairing is a non-invasive and cost effective trenchless pipe lining method of repairing broken storm drainpipes without the need to excavate. Instead of having to expose the entire pipe for repair, this technologically advanced procedure only requires a small access point. A high-tech machine is inserted into the access point in order to spray a specially formulated wet epoxy resin to the interior surfaces of the pipe. The wet epoxy resins cures in place, meaning it dries into a hardened state. When the resin cures, a solid liner is formed that seals up any cracks, breaks, or leaks within the pipeline.


The pipe liner also prevents any future damage from occurring. The new liner will last upwards of fifty plus years, only takes a day to install from start to finish, leaves no damage behind, and perhaps the best attribute is that it is less than half the price of having the storm drain pipe repaired using the traditional excavation method. Angel Plumbers is a leading storm drain repair company based out of the golden state of California. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best solutions in the plumbing industry.


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