Trenchless Pull
(Pipe Bursting)


The term Trenchless Sewer Replacement is maybe a little misleading. There are trenches and we do excavate to find the pipe. The good news is that we don’t have to trench the entire run from point A to point B. The equipment allows us to either pull a new line in place or rehabilitate the existing line without having to trench out the entire pipe.


Angel Plumbers are experts in trenchless technologies. We have been doing this even for other plumbers for years. Our experience and honesty makes us stand out.

Trenchless Pipe bursting totally replaces the existing pipe. Trenchless Liners will rehabilitate your existing pipe without the trenches.


How It’s Done


The Trenchless Pull method and equipment have been around several decades now and has been saving the backs of many plumbers. The idea is to replace a section of pipe underground from point A to point B. The method includes opening a hole at the beginning and at the end of the run. We will call these point A and point B respectively. The equipment uses a hydraulic pump, ram, and steel cable that pulls the new polyethylene pipe by bursting the old pipe from the inside.


The end result is a brand new polyethylene pipe where the old pipe used to be.


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The only material strong enough to withstand the force and abuse of this process is Polyethylene. This pipe material is being used around the country for all kinds of applications ranging from 3/4” pipe to 7ft diameter pipes. What makes this process and material special is the ability to fuse the pipes together.


The fusing process eliminates the need for fittings such as couplings.


In the sewer replacement application, we never use any fittings other than the beginning and end of the run where we connect to other pipe materials. The wall thickness of this pipe is almost double of the standard wall thickness of an ABS used for the same application. This Polyethylene pipe material is accepted in both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. All cities that we have come across have allowed the installation of this pipe using the pipe bursting method.


When does Pipe Bursting not work?


There can be complications such as footings or other utilities nearby. If there is a belly in the pipe, the replacement shouldn’t be completed with Pipe Bursting.


Why?– Because pipe bursting method will replace the existing pipe with new piping in the same location of the old pipe. If there is a belly in the line, there will still be a belly in the line with the new pipe. This is true nine out of ten times, but that is still reason to make alternate plans for that section.


There are a few other scenarios that don’t allow for pipe bursting, such as footings that wrap around a pipe or other utilities that can be damaged by the process.


Safety in your home and/or business is a major priority. Our goal is to resolve potential problems before a major problem occurs.




Pipe bursting has a guarantee of 25 years and is transferable one time.


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