Trenchless Liners


The term Trenchless Sewer Replacement is maybe a little misleading. There are trenches and we do excavate to find the pipe. The good news is that we don’t have to trench the entire run from point A to point B. The equipment allows us to either pull a new line in place or rehabilitate the existing line without having to trench out the entire pipe. The two systems are known as Trenchless Pull-in-Place and Trenchless Liner.


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Trenchless Liners are still very popular with plumbers. We at Angel Plumbers don’t always recommend liners as much as other companies may. We have seen these repairs go to court too many times.


Many installations have been destroyed by roots within a few years of installation.

So lets talk about when a liner is a good idea or a bad one. Liners are meant to rehabilitate the existing pipe. That is different than replacing.


Liners have been popular with plumbers and customers because they only require one hole vs two holes. The other reason is because this may cost less money in certain situations.


Here at Angel Plumbers, we believe the only time a pipe is lineable is when the pipe is in fairly good condition and the root intrusions have not broken the pipe.


The liner is meant to rehabilitate the existing pipe in order to prolong the life span of the existing pipe.


There are times when the section of pipe needing repairs is surrounded by cement of a footing or other large obstacles that will not allow manual replacement or pipe bursting. These scenarios are a perfect fit for a liner rehab. Our professional plumbers would be the best to tell you when this is your case.


Examples of Sewer Line Problems


DID YOU KNOW? The city of Los Angeles does not approve all liners…


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The city of Los Angeles Building and Safety is a lot less stringent about the liner materials. The city of Los Angeles Public Works Department does not approve all liner materials so make sure that you check with the city department of public works for approved materials. Angel Plumbers can help you with that process. The Department of Public Works inspectors can sometimes be more detailed and challenging on a street sewer replacement.


Angel Plumbers assists our customers to take command of all the details, including inspections to make sure that your project runs smoothly. We make sure that the walk way and public right of way are safe for our employees, home owners and the local community alike. Every independent city has their own specifications and rules. There are some cities that don’t accept liner installations at all. Angel Plumbers can help you out in your city. Our goal is to resolve potential problems before a major problem occurs.




Liners have a guarantee of 1 year and it is transferable one time.


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