Sewer Pipe Repair


Are you aware that trenchless sewer pipe repair methods such as pipe lining and sewer pipe bursting offer property owners an excellent alternative to sewer pipeline excavation? Why dig when technological advances in the plumbing industry can completely bypass the backhoe and avoid unnecessary damage to your property. Waste management engineering experts believe that the life expectancy of a residential, commercial, or industrial sewer system is based on a variety of factors that are known to affect the integrity of the system. However, they also suggest that if your sewer pipes are forty years old or older they will need major repairs or even replacement within the next two to three years, if not sooner.


This statement may hold true even if your property is new, due to the fact that the underground sewer pipes could actually be connected to an old pipeline. Fortunately trenchless techniques became available fifteen years ago. However, we have found that numerous consumers are completely unaware that these high-tech methods exist, let alone are completely viable options. Since important sewer repair and replacement decisions are usually made when disaster strikes, it all but eliminates the time you have to perform any research. Property owners are inclined to panic, which opens the door for unscrupulous plumbing contractors to take advantage of the situation.


It is not only the cost of repair and inconvenience that scares property owners. It is also the prospect that your landscaping and hardscaping will be destroyed as well. For example, what if your sewer pipes are buried beneath a prized bed of flowers, your favorite tree, or a newly built patio? Some plumbers will suggest the traditional excavation method because of selfish reasons. They may not have capital to invest in more modern techniques, are unwilling to change, or do not want to retire their expensive excavation equipment. If you are unaware that better options are available, you may find that your prized flowers, favorite tree, or newly built patio may be completely destroyed during the process.


Once again, why have a plumbing company dig a humongous trench in order to expose the sewer pipeline for repair or replacement when it is an unnecessary process? Trenchless sewer pipe repair technology not only saves you from digging holes at your property, it also saves you from burning holes in your pocket. Traditional sewer pipe repair can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over $20,000 depending on the exact situation. Trenchless methods cost half of that. Going trenchless also saves a considerable amount of time. This is an extremely important factor because all of the plumbing systems including sewer and water must be turned off during the repair process.


The traditional trench repair process can take upwards of two weeks to complete. Imagine having the water and toilets out of commission for that long! At best, that amount of downtime is a tremendous inconvenience. In a worst-case scenario it takes even more money out of your pocket. For example, homeowners must move out of the house until the job is complete. An unexpected two-week hotel stay is expensive. Commercial and industrial property owners face a tremendous loss in both production and revenue. Residential property investors must overcome the displacement of tenants for the duration of the sewer pipe repair.


With trenchless sewer pipe repair, you do not need to image that fiasco. The entire process typically takes a day to complete from start to finish, so the downtime is minimal. Residents do not need to vacate their homes and stay at a hotel. The loss of business related production along with revenue is reduced down to a minimum. Landlords do not need to find alternative housing for their tenants. When all is said and done, trenchless sewer pipe repair is a virtually painless procedure that costs less money, takes less time, and does not cause expensive damage to exterior hardscaping and landscaping. The trenchless sewer pipe lining and sewer pipe bursting procedures are also durable. Both high-tech sewer pipe repair methods last for fifty plus years. So the only question that remains is why have a plumbing contractor dig apart your yard, take multiple weeks to repair the problem, and charge you more money for the privilege of doing so?


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