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Single Pump Sewer or storm drain sump pump setup: these kinds of setups are the most common on small requirements for single bathrooms or sinks below grade. The city of Los Angeles requires a two pump setup for sewer ejectors.


Sewer Ejector Large System


This is a control panel for a Sewer ejector pit or a storm drain pump pit. This system is supposed to be a failsafe system that will alternate the use of two pumps, and if both fail an alarm will sound to hopefully warn you before something bad happens.


The name “Sewer Ejectors” is synonymous with sewage pump systems, sump pump systems, sewage ejector control panels, and storm drain sump pump pits. You may know these systems by one of those names.


There is much to be said about sewer ejectors. Lets narrow it down to types, why, when, and finally installation and repairs.


There are several manufacturers of pumps, as you can imagine. The systems, however, are typically the same and serve the same purpose.


Why do you need this ejector system? A sewage ejector system is needed when the standard gravity system will not work due to elevation limitations. Ejector pump systems are first designed to meet the volume of incoming liquids and secondly by the distance and head (height) the discharged liquids will travel from the pumps to the final destination.


Ejector pumps are also used for storm drain piping. These storm drain systems are probably more common than sewer ejector pump pits here in California. There are single pump systems, double pump systems, and not so common triple pump systems.


What kind of Sewer Ejector is right for me?


Single Pump Systems – The single pump systems are typically managed by a float that turns the pump on and off without a control panel. These systems are often offered in a container that houses the pump and has pipe connections for a discharge pipe and a vent pipe. These single pump systems can also be installed underground within a concrete box pit. The function would be the same.


Double Pump Systems – The double pump system is the most common and is required for code compliance within the county of Los Angeles. A double pump system is managed by a control panel. The panel is designed to respond to floaters within the pit that activates the pumps and an alarm if the pumps don’t keep up with the volume or fail to turn on. These systems come in different sizes and the pumps can vary from 2″ to 4″ discharge pipes. The design of these pumps can get pretty complicated. We have seen pumps that are three phase systems and have a tremendous amount of power.


Triple Pump Systems (Not Common) – A triple pump system is a double pump setup with a third backup pump housed in a secondary pit to discharge overflow or damage control in case of failure. If you didn’t get, that don’t worry. These systems are not installed in too many places. Industrial applications are the most common.


If your present system is failing we can help… We can trouble shoot the system, replace floaters or replace parts on the control panel. CALL NOW to schedule your service visit!



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