Pressure Regulators


The standard water pressure should be between 60 and 75 lbs. It should always read about 68 lbs. As you can imagine the pressure is different around different areas of the city.

For example, the pressure around the Mulholland Dr. near Studio City averages approximately 300 lbs due to a pump station nearby. In the San Fernando Valley, the pressure can be as low as 60 lbs.


You only need a regulator if the water pressure coming into your house is above 75 lbs. These valves are also known as pressure reducing valves or pressure reducers.


Back in the old days, plumbers would have to call the water department when doing calculations. We always got the high and low readings. Right about 3am the water pressure is the highest because the least amount of people are using water in their homes and businesses. I suspect that is why water leaks happen in the middle of the night.


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If your pressure reads anything above 75 lbs you have a problem. Most regulators won’t adjust if they have been sitting for a few years and are now affected by water buildup. Water buildup will jam the moving parts of the regulator and may cause it to fail.


There are low volume regulators and high volume regulators. Low volume regulators can be recognized by their plastic casing, while their counterparts are all brass. There are also high pressure and low pressure regulators. High volume regulators are meant to be installed in environments that have above 300 lbs of pressure.


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What Can Go Wrong If My Pressure Is High?


Toilet fill valves go out pretty fast in high pressure environments. Faucets will leak prematurely. Old piping that is worn and weak can break and cause lots of water damage. Water heaters are also equipped with T&P (Temperature and Pressure) valves. These valve are rated at approximately 120 lbs. If the pressure is higher than 120 the T&P valve will relieve water. Your old water heater may end up leaking due to the extra pressure.


High water pressure will also cause water hammer. This is knocking sound on the pipes whenever you close or open a valve.


What Should You Do?


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