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Pipe bursting is a technologically advanced solution to an age-old plumbing problem. Broken sewer pipelines have been plaguing civilized people since the Ancient Romans first incorporated the use of waste disposal systems nearly five thousands years ago. Back then a broken pipe could literally cripple an entire city. In more recent times broken, clogged, or leaking sewer pipelines cause headaches for countless property owners across the country each year. This holds especially true if the residential, commercial, or industrial real estate is thirty to forty years old or older.


In the past, sewer pipes were manufactured with materials that are considered inferior compared to today’s standards. For example, new sewer pipes are made out of a heavy-duty plastic PVC material that resists corrosion. Prior to that a clay material was typically used. Clay tends to chip, crack, and break apart when constantly exposed to water and the elements located underground. Before clay, cast iron was the go to sewer pipe material. When cast iron is exposed to water it naturally rusts. Rust spots quickly turn into rotted areas that eventually collapse entire sections of the pipeline.


Even small holes in either clay or cast iron pipes can lead to big problems. The small holes, breaks, and cracks allow dirt, rocks, and roots from trees and other vegetation to invade the pipes. In essence the invading materials form dams that do no allow for the proper flow of raw sewage and wastewater. When raw sewage enters into the sewer pipeline it normally travels to either the main sewer line buried under the street, or the septic tank buried somewhere on your property.

However, if the sewer line is blocked or clogged, then the raw sewage and wastewater has nowhere to go except for the place from which it originated. Unfortunately that place is back up the pipe and into your property. These sewage backups cause extremely unhealthy raw sewage and wastewater to flood your residential home, place of business, or investment property. Once that occurs it is imperative that you contact a licensed plumbing contractor to not only assess the problem, but also come up with a fast and cost effective solution to fix the problem.


That is exactly where pipe bursting comes into play. As we mentioned earlier, it is a high-tech answer that saves both time and money compared to an old school method that far too many plumbers still use to this very day. The traditional way to replace a broken sewer line is to excavate a large trench along the entire pipeline in order to access it for sewer pipe repair or replacement. The traditional method worked well for many years. Of course there were no other options until trenchless sewer pipe bursting was invented approximately fifteen years ago.


Now the need to destroy lawns, flowerbeds, patios, trees, shrubs, decks, driveways, walkways, or parking lots in order to expose the sewer pipeline has been completely eliminated. You may be wondering why some plumbing companies still employ the use of heavy-duty excavation equipment when they can rely on technology instead? The answer is an easy one to answer. They are either afraid of change, do not have the capital to invest in training and new equipment, or refuse to retire the excavation equipment because it cost them a great deal of money to purchase.


The fact of the matter is that none of those reasons should end up costing YOU more money or lengthening the repair time, when trenchless sewer pipe bursting is a readily available procedure. The process can be completed from start to finish in as little as one day. It does not require any major excavation. In fact, a qualified plumbing contractor only needs to dig two small access holes, on at each end of the sewer pipeline. From there the field technicians use a high-tech machine to install a continuous PVC plastic pipe into the old sewer line.


As the PVC pipe is pulled through, it bursts or shatters the old sewer pipe into a bunch of small fragmented pieces. These pieces disburse into the ground where they are left to rot away harmlessly. Property owners are left with a brand new sewer pipeline that is completely resistant to breaks, corrosion, cracks, rot, and rust. It also completely resists the invasion of underground materials such as dirt, rock, and tree roots, and will last for well over fifty years. Trenchless sewer pipe bursting costs approximately fifty-percent less than the traditional excavation method, especially when you factor in the cost to replace hardscape and landscaping that was destroyed during the trench digging process.


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