Leak Detection


Are you suffering from mysterious puddles inside your home? Is mold forming is odd areas? Do you notice water coming out of your pipes? These are symptoms of leaky pipes. Even if you can’t spot the problem, it is a good idea to have a professional search your home and conduct leak detection.
The majority of your plumbing is located behind walls and beneath floor boards. If there are hidden leaks, mold could be growing. Potentially, the structure of your home could be rotting away. Preventing large scale problems by finding leaky pipes requires the aid of professionals.


Understanding Leaky Pipes


Why do pipes leak? Just like any appliance in your home, strenuous use will eventually wear them out. Just think about all the water that flows through them on a daily basis. Over several years, the pipes will be worn down, cracks will form and seals will become unsealed.
On potable water pipes, hard water can form calcium deposits inside the pipes. Eventually, this can render the pipes useless. In parts of the home where temperature changes occur rapidly, the shrinking and expanding properties of metal weakens the pipe material. Any leaks in your drinking water can be a potentially dangerous issue. If water can get out, then other stuff can get in. Detecting leaks and fixing them fast is the best solution.
As for your wastewater pipes, detecting leaks are of the utmost priority. If your drains are leaking, not only is water damaging your house, but waste is infiltrating your property. Any leaks in your drain pipes must be found and fixed immediately. Strange smells and water near your toilets or sinks can be symptoms of leaky pipes.


Professional Leak Detection


Angel Plumbers are your local experts on leak detection. Serving all of Los Angeles and Ventura County, we are the area’s foremost plumbing company. All of our technicians are licensed plumbers and you can trust in the service we provide. Because our team has so much local experience, we can find leaky pipes, even if they can’t be seen.
One of our plumbers will conduct a walkthrough of your property, scouring every pipe for signs of wear and damage. We also employ technology to help find leaks in hidden places. Using LED cameras, we can actually see inside your plumbing system. Armed with a camera and a laptop, we stream real time video of your pipes. By doing this, we can search for even the smallest of leaks.


Fixing Leaky Pipes


Once we find the source of your leak, your pipes are in good hands. We will expertly repair any problem. By pinpointing the issue and then quickly fixing the problem, we save you time and money. All of our plumbers have years of experience and can fix any problems you are facing.
If you have leaky pipes, we have the solution for you. Angel Plumbers is your go to plumbing service for leak detection. Contact us today or give us a call: 310-254-9401.

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