Gas Pipes


Installing Gas Lines is probably not a good idea for the average person as a do-it-yourself project. The risks of making a mistake greatly outweigh the costs of hiring a professional. Call Angel Plumbers to the rescue. (818) 960-1241.


Gas Safety


Gas lines demand respect. Natural gas can be dangerous and propane can be very dangerous. Using pipes, fittings, or thread compounds that are not rated for natural gas could be life-threatening. And all connections must be tightened properly and tested for leaks. Angel Plumbers provides this professional service to give you peace of mind.


Safety in your home or business is a major priority when it comes to your gas lines. Our goal is to resolve potential problems before a major problem occurs. While the natural gas lines and appliances are relatively safe in the average home, it is important to understand any possible hazards in order to protect your home and family.


  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Gas Line Leaks
  • New Additions or Repairs


Here are some safety tips to reduce your risk:


  • Leave gas line installation to the professionals
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors
  • Get a gas line inspection when buying new natural gas appliances
  • Have vents, flues, and chimneys inspected to ensure proper ventilation
  • If you smell a “rotten egg” odor in your home, contact a professional

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