Area Drains


In Southern California, area rrains are definitely overlooked. Typically area drains are installed to remove water from front and back yards, patios, pool surrounds and decks and much more. If yours are acting up, call Angel Plumbers to the rescue. (818) 960-1241


Always Call a Plumber


Although I love general contractors, they know very little about drains. If your area drains were installed by anyone other than a plumber, it is likely that they used the wrong materials and the wrong fittings. A very common problem we come across is not being able to snake the area drains because the fittings are wrong and don’t allow our equipment to get through. Unfortunately the only way to fix this problem is to trench and replace the piping with proper fittings. Don’t wait for flooding to cause serious damage to your home or business.


Area Drains Can Affect Many Areas of Your Home or Business


  • Front and Back Yard
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Pool Surrounds
  • And Much More!


Trees, leaves, and roots are problems to all our underground piping. Since our Southern California weather rarely gives us any rain, the leaves and dirt build up inside the pipe without washing out.  When the rain comes, the compaction has turned into a stoppage and you may find yourself in a flooding yard. If your plumber is knowledgeable, he will know to snake the drain upstream from the street if access is available. An Angel Plumber is sure to know that. Angel Plumbers are also capable of hydro jetting the line if needed.


Did You Know?


Area drains will fail due to poor materials and workmanship, dirt and leaf build up, and lack of use. Sump pumps are typically installed to service these drains and dump them into piping or a higher ground area.


Most pits have a single pump pushing the water up to a higher ground. If this pump fails, you’re in trouble. The electrical connection is most likely the problem. Most pumps haven’t been used in a long time so the first time they kick on, the pump over-amps and trips the breaker. Angel Plumbers has replacement pumps and can trouble shoot your pump setup any time day or night.


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There is much more to learn about your Area Drains. Ask your Angel Plumbers professional today!

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