Septic System Repair


When terrible odors invade the interior or exterior of your property, or raw sewage backs up into your home, place of work, or investment property through the toilets, water faucets, or drains, it is a tell tale sign that something has gone terribly wrong with your septic system. Since there are various components the problem may be caused by an issue in the sewer pipeline, a breakdown in the drainage or leaching field, or possibly an issue with the septic tank.


The only way to determine the actual cause of the trouble is to contact an experienced septic repair company like Angel Plumbers as soon as you notice something is wrong. Snaking the toilet or drain yourself, or pouring a chemical drain cleaning solution into the sink will not fix anything. In fact it will most likely make the situation far worse, which leads to more money out of your pocket.


The First Steps In A Septic System Emergency


Although most people tend to panic when septic problems occur, it is extremely important to keep a level head. If you follow the steps listed, there is a far better chance of minimizing the damage and having less of a mess to clean up.

If raw sewage and wastewater enter your property through the toilets, drains, or water faucets:
The first step to take is to lift the lid off of the septic tank in order to check the water level. If this is something that you simply cannot handle yourself, do not worry. Contact a septic trenchless repair service, such as Angel Plumbers to do this for you. If the water is lower than the outlet it means that the underground pipe located between the house and septic tank is most likely clogged. Angel Plumbers can make this repair for you on the spot. If the water level is higher than the outlet, the issue is with the tank itself, such as a clogged outlet screen or something located beyond the tank. Angel Plumbers will be able to determine this and take the proper course of action.

If the drainage or leaching field is soggy or smells like raw sewage:
It is extremely important to note if the drainage or leaching field is soggy or smells like raw sewage, or if you see standing water in that area of the yard or grounds, then both people and pets need to stay far away from the area. Exposure to raw sewage is a health hazard. Contact an experienced sewer repair contractor such as Angel Plumbers immediately.


Failures With The Drainage Or Leaching Field, Septic Tank, And Sewer Pipes


When the drainage or leaching field fails, it is most likely due to the fact that the septic tank was not pumped often enough. This caused scum and sludge layers that build up so thick there is very little space for wastewater to pool during the material separation process. Grease and other solids then enter into the drainage or leaching field and clog it. This leads to noxious water that bubbles to the surface. At this point the damage is done and you will need to have the drainage or leaching field replaced.


In addition, the drainage or leaching field can fail over time even if the septic tank had been pumped on a regular basis. If the drainage or leaching field is over thirty years old, microscopic elements populate the soil to the point where it cannot properly absorb the water. At this point a new drainage or leaching field must be constructed. Ironically, the bacteria contained in the old field will eventually die due to lack of food. By the time the new drainage or leaching field needs to be replaced you will be able to use the old one again.


Angel Plumbers will be able to replace your drainage or leaching field in the most cost effective and time-savings manner possible. Often times the septic issue is caused by problems with the large vessel that is buried underground in order to store solid waste materials. This container is known as the septic tank. Angel Plumbers will inspect the septic tank in order to determine if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. There is another large contributor to septic problems: the sewer pipeline that runs from the interior of the property to a network of underground pipes.


These pipes lead directly to the septic tank. Breaks, blocks, cracks, and leaks in the line cause raw sewage and wastewater to back up through the system until it enters back into the property. Angel Plumbers also specializes in trenchless septic pipe repair. This technologically advanced process does not require any heavy-duty excavation in order to access the sewer pipeline. It is cost effective, can be completed in as little as a day, and fixes the problem for the long term.


Angel Plumbers is a leading septic repair company based out of the golden state of California. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best solutions in the plumbing industry. Please contact us for an initial consultation or estimate for all of your plumbing needs. We very much look forward to hearing from you and working with you. At Angel Plumbers were are more than great plumbers, we are good people as well.

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