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Residential, commercial, and industrial property owners across America spend millions of dollars each year having their roof drains replaced. The irony is that roof drain lining is far more affordable, considerably less time consuming, and provides a solution that is just as effective as replacement. The only problem is that far too many property owners are completely unaware that the technology exists. Before we explain any further it is important for you to fully understand the reason why it is so costly to have your roof drain pipes replaced instead of lined.


Real estate that was constructed thirty to forty years ago and beyond incorporated the use of roof drain pipe materials that deteriorate significantly faster than the materials used today. That means that countless homes and buildings are now at the end of their roof drain pipe life cycle. In the past the only way to resolve the situation was to remove and replace all of the existing roof drain pipes. The lengthy process requires a significant amount of demolition, which in turn leads to a laundry list of property damage. All of this work takes a lot of time, and time adds up to money in labor.


The other major cost is materials. Brand new roof drain pipes are expensive, even when the plumbing contractor purchases them at wholesale. The construction materials that are needed to repair the damage caused by the demolition are expensive as well. When it is all added up, having your roof drain pipes replaced can end up being as expensive as a new automobile. Most property owners would much rather be driving a new car, truck, or SUV instead of having their roof drain pipes replaced.


The good news is that roof drain lining is a far better investment in your property. It takes a day or two at the most to complete on average, lasts longer, and is considerably more cost effective. In fact you will save well over fifty-percent having the pipes relined as opposed to replaced. It did not take long for advanced plumbing contractors like Angel Plumbers to realize that roof drain lining was the wave of the future when the technology was developed approximately fifteen years ago. Since the application does not require demolition, it is far better for the environment for two reasons.


The first reason involves the demolition itself. Many of the old building materials contain elements that are bad for both the environment and general human health. When these elements are disturbed, they release into the atmosphere creating an undesirable situation. Here is a great example of that: at one time, exterior building shingles were manufactured with asbestos. Often times the roof drains, otherwise know as downspouts, are attached directly to the shingles. Removing the pipes leads to removal of the shingles, which in turn releases cancer-causing asbestos into the air.


The second reason that roof drain lining is better for the environment is directly related to the existing pipes. Do you know what happens to the old pipes once they are removed? They end up in landfills. Removing and then discarding the existing roof drain pipes as opposed to utilizing them is literally throwing money away. Why do further harm to the environment (and waste money) when there is a better answer? Now that you are aware of the fact that roof drain lining is a far superior option, it is also important to be aware of the process.


An authorized plumbing contractor like Angel Plumbers uses a small access point in the existing roof drain line in order to apply a wet resin epoxy to the entire interior surface of the pipe. Within a few hours of application the wet resin epoxy cures in place, meaning it completely dries into a hardened state. Once the epoxy cures in place it takes the form of an impenetrable pipe liner or pipe within a pipe. The new liner completely fixes any leaks caused by breaks and cracks in the existing pipe’s material. It also restores the pipes structural integrity or strength.


In addition, the new lining resists future damage and protects the roof drain pipe from exterior elements such as wind, rain, and sunshine. Once the process is complete, the existing roof drain pipes are as good as new and will last for another fifty plus years. Angel Plumbers is a leading roof drain lining company based out of the golden state of California. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best solutions in the plumbing industry. Please contact us for an initial consultation or estimate for all of your plumbing needs. We very much look forward to hearing from you and working with you. At Angel Plumbers were are more than great plumbers, we are good people as well.

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