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Are you aware of the fact that a great danger lurks underground from aging gas pipes? Even small cracks or accidents can trigger a devastating explosion. Every other day over the past decade a gas leak has destroyed property, caused injury and even death. Unfortunately the gas leaks that fuel these destructive blasts are quite common, as are the countless miles of older cast iron gas pipes that are buried beneath our streets, homes, and places of work.


Cast iron just so happens to be a metal that becomes highly susceptible to rusting when it ages. Once rust spots appear, it leads to corrosion that significantly reduces the integrity of the pipe. Eventually the cast-iron gas pipes will leak and even collapse. The leaking gas tends to accumulate in buildings, basements, and crawl spaces. If ignited it can cause an explosion with the force of a small earthquake. In essence, the air pressure expands rapidly causing a blow out of windows, roofs, and support beams.


These types of gas explosions can level homes, commercial properties, and industrial buildings in the blink of an eye. That being said, gas pipes are an extremely important component of the overall operation of your property. They are responsible for delivering the gas that powers forced hot air heating systems, water heaters, stoves, and fireplaces, along with a host of other appliances and machinery. If your property is run on gas, the pipes that distribute it help to keep you comfortable, dry, and warm.


That is, until they are no longer working properly. That is when the real trouble begins. Although natural gas does not have an odor, the energy companies add an unpleasant scent so that people can instantly smell it if there happens to be a leak. However, if the gas leak occurs underneath the structure then it will most likely go undetected until a more substantial build-up collects. This is the point when even a small spark may very well ignite an explosion.


Although gas pipes that were installed less than twenty years ago should be in good shape, if they happen to be attached to older substructure than it could pose a problem. Unless you smell gas, there is only one way to know for sure if your pipes are in good working order: hire an experienced plumbing contractor that specializes in gas pipe repair, such as Angel Plumbers to conduct a thorough inspection. That way you can be rest assured that no problems exist.


If there are any minor or even major issues with your gas pipes then they can be repaired before disaster actually strikes. Angel Plumbers will advise you on the most cost effective, durable, and fastest way to solve the problem. Repairing the gas pipes does not need to break the bank or your spirit. Gas pipe lining actually allows us to make the necessary repairs without the need to tear up your walls, floors, ceilings, landscaping, or hardscaping.


Trenchless gas pipe lining is a non-invasive process that incorporates the use of advanced plumbing technology as opposed to the destructive traditional demolition and excavation method. It is far more affordable, considerably less time consuming, and does not create a nasty mess. Not to mention that trenchless gas pipe repair provides added safety, and is significantly more environmentally friendly than digging and demo work. In addition, gas pipes that are repaired with high-tech lining are just as durable, and will last as long or even longer than brand new pipes.


In order to reach the gas pipes for repair we do not do any widespread excavation or demolition. We only need to make a small access point in order to spray a wet epoxy resin material that completely covers all interior surfaces of the gas pipeline. The resin cures in place within a few hours and once it hardens an extremely durable and leak proof pipe liner is born. The new liner is actually a brand new pipe within the old one that will last for fifty years or longer.


The new liner effectively seals and fixes any and all problems, including small leaks as well as larger breaks and cracks located within the gas pipes. When all is said and done the gas pipe lining process saves property owners fifty-percent or more on the total cost over the traditional excavation and demolition method. Instead of taking weeks to make the repair, the entire job can be completed in as little as one day. That equals far less downtime at your home, place of business, or investment property.


Angel Plumbers is a leading gas pipe specialist based out of the golden state of California. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best solutions in the plumbing industry. Please contact us for an initial consultation or estimate for all of your plumbing needs. We very much look forward to hearing from you and working with you. At Angel Plumbers were are more than great plumbers, we are good people as well.

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