Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair


Many property owners today have never heard of trenchless sewer pipe repair and have no idea the benefits it holds, especially when you may be experiencing plumbing problems. We completely understand that issues with your sewage system can be intimidating due to the ambiguity of the cost, time, and path to fixing whatever issues lie beneath the surface. However, that does not mean that fixing the problems should be avoided. Doing so will most likely result in further damage and the need for more time and money to be spent on repairs down the line.


As mentioned above, many property owners are not aware of the option of trenchless sewer pipe repair. For that reason, people tend to assume that to fix sewage problems, their entire yard will need to be dug up – causing a large mess and inconvenience. Instead of dealing with the problem, many choose to avoid the headache of the situation and put off getting the issue fixed. This only leads to major problems that can be even more costly and inconvenient. However, the option of trenchless sewer pipe repair allows for the initial problem to be resolved quickly, effectively, affordably, and without the mess – which is the best possible scenario.


The technology around trenchless sewer pipe repair takes advantage of the ability to make repairs to your sewage system without the need to rear apart your yard. Rather than facing a destructed lawn, a dug up driveway, and a displaced patio, we incorporate the use of trenchless sewer pipe repair in Hollywood, CA. Not only is this cleaner, but it is also is a faster, more efficient, and less expensive method. When an old school plumbing contractor uses excavation equipment to dig large trenches in order to reach your sewage system for repair or replacement it costs more money and takes a whole heck of a lot more time.


The invention of trenchless sewer pipe repair cuts out the entire excavation process, saving your landscaping and hardscaping along the way. Instead of a long drawn out repair job, it makes it into a seamless and swift situation. While the traditional digging method can take multiple weeks to be completed – from breaking ground until your yard restoration is finished – the trenchless method is much quicker. In fact, this innovative process typically only takes one to two days – which is a world of difference! Just imagine not being able to use the bathroom for that period of time.


The way that the trenchless sewer pipe repair process works is quite simple. As a matter of fact, there are two methods that advanced plumbing contractors like Angel Plumbers use. The first is called trenchless sewer pipe lining. If the sewer pipes are in somewhat decent shape, a small access hole is dug at one end of the pipeline. From there a high-tech machine is used to install a wet epoxy resin. The material coats the entire interior surface of the sewer pipeline. Once it cures in place, a hard sewer pipe liner is formed. This pipe within a pipe effectively fixes any breaks, clogs, cracks, or leaks in the old sewer pipeline.


If the existing sewer pipes are beyond repair and cannot handle the lining process, than an alternative approach called sewer pipe bursting is used. This trenchless sewer pipe repair process requires two small access holes, one at each end of the pipeline. A different high-tech machine is used to install a continuous plastic PVC pipe through the existing sewer pipeline. Instead of lining the existing sewer pipes, this new plastic pipe replaces the old one. In essence, it bursts the old pipeline into a bunch of fragmented pieces that are distributed into the ground as they break. The pieces of the old pipe are left to harmlessly rot away in the ground.


Both trenchless sewer pipe lining and trenchless sewer pipe bursting typically take as little as one day to complete from start to finish. Another added bonus is that they are approximately half the price of the traditional excavation method. There are a few other notable benefits to consider. First, going trenchless is more environmentally friendly, as it cuts out the need for dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the surrounding area. Also, this process allows you to avoid the potential need of road disruption. This is because the traditional method frequently requires part of the road surrounding your property to be dug up. When that happens, it can interrupt traffic and demand the need for it to be redirected. Why have a plumbing contractor dig when there is a better way?


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