Sewer Repairs


Private Sewer

Your home or business has a sewer line exiting to the street. This section is always the responsibility of the homeowner. This section is governed under the Department of Building and Safety


Lateral Sewer

Once the pipe exits your property line the sewer line is known as the “LATERAL.” This lateral sewer pipe is also the responsibility of the property owner with few exceptions. This section of pipe is governed under the Public Works Department.

The private Sewer can be worked on by any plumber with a C36 license. The LATERAL sewer can only be worked on by a C42 contractor or an “A” license contractor.


Our approach to your sewer repair and our methods

The first thing that needs to happen is clear the line. If you have a backed up sewer line we need to relieve the line so we can make better decisions without the pressure. Once the line is clear we need to see inside the pipe to identify the stoppage cause.

Get your camera inspection for FREE with any sewer work including simply running a snake.

When roots are present, the right hydrojetter being used by a professional plumber can cut through roots and clean a pipe that has been intruded by roots even the size of a grownup thumb.

The options for repairs can vary depending on the location of the damage (private or public right-of-way). If the sewer needs a Liner to rehabilitate the pipe we can do it. If the sewer needs to be replaced using trenchless pipe bursting we can do that also. If the system simply needs hydrojetting we will tell you that. We have the ability to repair your sewer no matter what the problem. There still has not been one sewer that we could not clear or repair. CALL Angel Plumbers Now!

Truck and Jetter2

This is a picture of one of our jetter machines. There are other cart jetters that are more mobile to wheel into a property where needed. These other types of jetters are not all made the same. The cart jetters owned by Angel Plumbers are of equal effectiveness as a full-size jetter.

If you scroll down you’ll see a chart for pricing of a main line stoppage.